Sehat wa Zindagi

Sehat we Zindagi is our show focussing on Health & Life. It covers some serious issues currently being experienced within our communities – mental health, refugee trauma, women’s health and domestic violence.

The series aims to raise community awareness of these issues, especially among vulnerable people who arrived in Australia recently, and the help that is available here. Every episode features a professional psychologist and a counsellor or academic from within the Afghanistani community, and audiences are encouraged to seek professional help. This show is in Dari.

In this introductory episode of our new show, Sehat we Zindagi, we pay special attention to the topic of mental health within refugee and diaspora communities from Afghanistan. Although it is an issue which affects every aspect of many of our lives, unfortunately it is difficult to talk about it openly or to seek help.

In this introductory episode, we talk with a retired psychologist and counsellor, Doctor Taher Forotan, a famous figure in our community, about what is mental health and why it is important, who can be affected, how to recognise if our family or friends are suffering poor mental health, and how to help.